Laguna Beach Horse Lovers was a pop-up organization that was formed for people who share a passion for horses – riders and non-riders alike.  As of June, 2016 we are no longer an active organization.  However, the information on local stables and horse sports on this site should continue to be useful as an introduction to some of the opportunities, horse shows and training in our area.

Our mission was to create FUN opportunities to enjoy horse sports through:

  • consolidating information on local horse-related activities and facilities;
  • providing answers to horse sports questions such as where to watch horse sports, take riding lessons, therapeutic riding opportunities, local barns, rescue horses, trail ride opportunities;
  • producing special events for viewing and enjoying horse sports tailored to our members interests; and
  • following our local riders and riding stars as they compete throughout the region, state and world.

We produced free events tailored to our group’s interests and open the door to the many, many horse activities in our area.  Equine activities can be hard to find the first time, but we’ll help you get there and you’ll find a large, warm and welcoming community of trainers, riders and fans.


Below is a photograph of US Olympian Steffen Peters with Rosamunde at left with Laguna Beach Horse Lovers in 2015.


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